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Lifting machine application operation steps

2022-09-16 16:48:53

Lifting machine application operating procedures Lifting machine manufacturer

1. Before application, turn on the switching power supply, check whether the switching power supply of the motor is properly installed, and check whether the lift is electrified and oil leaks.

2. Park the car in the middle of the lift, where the arm of the lift can be supported at the specific supporting point of the chassis.

3. At the support point of the double column lift, put the car into P or N gear and pull up the brake.

4. Align the four fulcrums (on the designated part of the chassis)

5. Lift the car in three steps, start the lift, and stop lifting the car when the support point is close to the car.

6. Check whether the support point is aligned with the two ends of the car.

7. The second step is to start the lift. After the support point touches the vehicle, check the position of the support point again, and lift the vehicle 300mm off the ground after confirming the accuracy

8. The third step is to promote the car at the side of the car, and lift the car to the height width ratio in work after confirming that the car is stable.

9. When lowering the car, first eliminate the anti landing commercial insurance

10. Press and hold the lower button to lower the car


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