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Do you know the safety knowledge of hydraulic lift installation?

2022-09-16 16:47:34

Hydraulic elevators, which are high-altitude working platforms, have been widely used with modern equipment. How much do you know about installation? Now let me introduce you to the basic installation knowledge! It is also a help to some friends who use hydraulic elevators. Which is a good lift

First of all, the site where the hydraulic lift is installed should be clean and enclosed with standard poles. Non workers are not allowed to enter, so as to ensure that non workers can enter or adjust the switch on the hydraulic lift at will because they do not understand the installation of the hydraulic lift.

Secondly, observe whether there are falling objects at the installation site. If necessary, add safety nets to prevent falling objects from affecting normal work and causing danger during construction. During the installation process, professional personnel must be responsible for and give unified command to ensure the safe and standardized operation of the installation personnel. The installation unit must hold the special equipment installation license issued by the state and meet the national hydraulic lift installation license standards. During the commissioning and operation of the lifting platform, the installation personnel and users shall not expose their heads and hands outside the safety guardrail. If someone works on the guide rail frame or wall attached frame of the hydraulic lift, it is absolutely not allowed to start the lift. When the lift car is raised, it is strictly prohibited to open the door or stand near the lift. During lifting, the parts of each part must be placed stably and shall not be exposed outside the installation fence.

After the commissioning, the hydraulic elevator shall be operated without load before use. After confirming that there are no other problems, the cargo shall be loaded to work normally. These are some basic tests necessary to ensure the normal and safe operation of hydraulic elevators. We hope that you will remember these rules for your safety and install, debug and use according to normal operation specifications. The hydraulic lift will serve you better.


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