After-sale Service

After-sale Service
After-sale Service

After-sales service solutions:

1、Product warranty period: tire changer machine, balancer machine warranty period is 12 months, lifting machine warranty period is 24 months.

2、Failure during the warranty period: after receiving the repair call ->; Fault diagnosis by telephone -> A soft fault (can be solved by phone, send text solution) B hard fault (if the customer agrees and can solve the problem, quickly send parts).

Service outside the warranty period:

According to the situation to negotiate with the customer to solve, to ensure the lowest service cost, the fastest solution.

Not covered by warranty:

1、Private modification of equipment;

2、Improper voltage damage;

3、Human barbaric operation;

4、Poor environmental protection (such as rain, water, fire);

5、Accidental damage caused by transportation in the conversion work address.

Tire changer machine: various plastic parts are consumables, artificially damaged inflatable tables (such as broken, pressure damage);

Balancer machine: all kinds of obstructing parts for consumables, man-made damage to the spindle, fast nuts, cones (such as broken, impact, etc.);

Lift: limb pad, artificially damaged control box switch (crushing, impact, etc.)

After-sales telephone:0417-3947773

After-sales telephone:18341770088