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Application Methods and Precautions of Automobile Double Pillar Lift

2022-09-16 16:48:09

What are the application methods and precautions of the car double pillar lift? I summarized them for you. Lift price


1 Special personnel shall be assigned to operate, maintain and repair the lift equipment, and prevent personnel who have not read this manual and have no operation qualification from starting the lift without authorization.

2 The vehicle shall be parked so that its center of gravity is close to the center of gravity of the working platform.

3 Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

4 During the lifting of the working platform, no personnel shall stay on or under the working platform.

The machine shall be free from abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomena during the above process.

1 Load operation of double pillar lift

1 After driving the car onto the working platform, tighten the brake handbrake, and the driver shall evacuate from the working platform.

2 Place the anti-skid support firmly in front of the car tire.

3 In the state of no air supply, press the raise button to raise the working platform to the required height.

4 Jog the lowering button so that all four hooks are firmly supported on the hanging plate, and then enter the working area to stop maintenance or adjustment.

5 After the repair or adjustment is completed, jog the lifting button, turn the reversing valve to the air supply position, make the four hooks disengage from the hanging plate, and press the lowering button to lower the working platform.

6 When the working platform is lowered to the lower limit position, remove the anti-skid support and drive the vehicle away from the working platform.


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