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Top 10 in Chinas auto insurance equipment industry in 2012

2022-09-16 15:11:15

On February 28, 2012, the award ceremony of "2012 Top 10 Selection of China's Auto Insurance Equipment Industry" was successfully held during the "2012 China Auto Insurance Equipment Product Technology Development Trend Forum and Beijing International Auto Insurance Exhibition Boutique Joint Exhibition" held by Auto and Driver Maintenance magazine. Three enterprises, including Zhuhai Longshen Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jinhua Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Tutus Tool System Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., won the award of "Automobile Protection Equipment Enterprise of the Year". Seven products, including Bosch 3D four-wheel aligner FWA 4630, DAYTONA fast repair and fine repair combined shaping system, and ST25CH dual laser infrared thermometer, won the award of "Automobile Protection Equipment and Tools of the Year". Zhu Weihua (micro blog), editor in chief of Automobile and Driving Maintenance, and Sun Lei, executive editor in chief of the magazine, issued certificates to the award-winning enterprise representatives.

Pillar lift

Top 10 in China's auto insurance equipment industry in 2012

The "2012 Top 10 Auto Insurance Equipment Industry Selection in China" activity was launched in June 2011. After the self recommendation of enterprises, the recommendation of industry personages, and the screening of auto insurance equipment enterprises and auto insurance products that do not meet the selection criteria, the candidate brands were launched in October 2011.

Scissor lift

Top 10 in China's auto insurance equipment industry in 2012

The candidate brands were publicized in Auto and Driving Maintenance magazine and Tencent Auto (Microblog) channel, and 10 auto insurance equipment enterprises and 21 auto insurance equipment products were shortlisted after readers and netizens voted. On February 11, 2012, Automobile and Driving Maintenance magazine held an expert committee review meeting of "2012 Top 10 in China's auto insurance equipment industry". Ten experts, including Wei Junqiang, Wang Haiyan, Li Yumao and Niu Lianbao, visited the site of the review committee. After reviewing the shortlisted auto insurance equipment and tools, two Beijing judges who did not attend the review meeting due to business trip and four judges from other places, Beijing experts and four foreign experts were selected on the spot and the "annual automobile maintenance equipment and tools" were selected on the spot.

Later, the sponsor finally awarded the "Annual Automobile Maintenance Equipment Enterprise" award according to the research on the user reputation, enterprise activity and after-sales service quality of the shortlisted brands, the manufacturing characteristics of scissors lift and pillar lift, combined with the votes of expert judges and industry personnel.

Manufacturer of steam protection equipment

Top 10 in China's auto insurance equipment industry in 2012


Although the overall process of this selection has not changed significantly, compared with previous ones, it has the following three characteristics.

1. More varieties of candidate products

In the past, the products selected were mainly fault diagnosis instrument, four-wheel aligner, lift, body repair equipment, tire repair equipment and spraying equipment. Other types of equipment were relatively few, and even though they could be shortlisted, they were often eliminated in the Z final review process because of their low technical content. However, in this selection, many electronic testing tools, quick repair tools, liquid replacement and recycling equipment and manual tools were selected, and many products entered the Z final review stage because of their high technical content, and Z finally won the top 10. Although some products were not selected, their technical features and practicability were still admired by the reviewers.

2. Conduct real vehicle test on product performance

At the beginning of this selection, the enterprise made an agreement with this magazine in the process of self recommendation. All candidate products, if necessary, should be evaluated by this magazine. In the end, our editor and technical directors of different brands tested 18 of the 39 candidate products. Among the 21 finalists, 13 products have been tested in real vehicles. With the evaluation content as a reference, the reviewers have a deeper understanding of the shortlisted products and the evaluation results are more objective. Z finally obtained 7 products of "annual auto insurance equipment tools", all of which have been evaluated by this magazine.

3. Service evaluation of candidate enterprises

For the 10 candidate enterprises, in addition to assessing their user reputation and enterprise activity, our editor also examined the perfection of their official website in terms of customer service; They also called their service hotline to make an unannounced visit, and evaluated the service hours, the professionalism of the service personnel, the service solving ability, etc. After Z, the "annual automobile maintenance equipment enterprise" was selected based on the review opinions of experts.

The success of each session of the "Annual Top 10 Selection of China's Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry" is inseparable from the participation of industry enterprises, as well as the strong support of the readers and expert judges of Automobile and Driving Maintenance magazine. It is precisely because they continue to combine the industry development and put forward new suggestions on the selection method and criteria of this activity, that the program of each session of the "Annual Top 10 Selection of China's Auto Insurance Equipment Industry" activity will continue to improve, and also better reflect the principle of "fairness, transparency and professionalism".



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