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Development Trend of Lift and Precautions for Working at Heights

2022-09-16 16:49:30

The lift manufacturer explains that since the 1990s, domestic lifts have gradually become popular. With the increase of car ownership in China, the demand for lift as an important tool for car maintenance has also increased greatly. Now there are nearly 100 domestic and foreign brands in the lift market, with hundreds of product series. Foreign brands have high prices, but they have established a good reputation among dealers because of their good product quality, stable performance and simple equipment operation. With the development of the domestic lift industry in recent years, many improvements have been made in product design, technology development and after-sales service, and the sales volume has also greatly increased.

Automobile lifter refers to the automobile maintenance equipment used for automobile lifting in the automobile maintenance industry. The lift plays a vital role in the vehicle maintenance. No matter the vehicle overhaul or minor maintenance, it is inseparable from it. Its product nature and quality directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel. In maintenance enterprises with different scales, almost all of them are equipped with lifts, whether they are comprehensive repair shops that maintain multiple models or street stores with a single business scope (such as tire stores).



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