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Parameters of mother-child lift

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Parameters of mother-child lift

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The mother-and-child lift is suitable for four-wheel positioning and vehicle inspection, maintenance and maintenance of small cars. Its characteristics are as follows: Lift manufacturer

1. Using the Tibetan structure, occupying less space.

2. Electric pneumatic lock, safe and reliable.

3. Hydraulic system adopts advanced integrated valve plate oil circuit and imported seals.

4. When power failure occurs, the car can also be lowered manually.

Technical parameters:


Lifting capacity 3500KG

Lifting height mother machine 1700mm sub-machine 450mm

Lifting time increased by 60S and decreased by 50S

Platform length 4200mm

Platform width 600mm

Motor power 2.2KW-380V or 2.2KW-220V

Rated oil pressure 220KG/cm2

Gas Source Pressure 6-8KG/cm 2

Whole machine weight 1780KG

Thank you for your attention to our products. If you want to get further information, such as the price of lift, the specifications and models of mother and son lift, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Hongyuan Auto Prudential invites you to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

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