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Which is the best hoist? Haig Ants tips on saving maintenance costs of automobiles

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Which is the best hoist? Haig Ants tips on saving maintenance costs of automobiles

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Which is the best hoist, Haig Ante saves the cost of maintenance and repair of automobiles small skill hoist manufacturer

Scientific and Rational Maintenance of Love Cars

Car maintenance cycle refers to the interval mileage or time between car maintenance. High maintenance frequency is not a bad thing, it can more effectively guarantee the performance of vehicles. In the initial stage of vehicle use, the maintenance is mainly normal, and the cost is relatively low. When the vehicle is used for a certain period of time or travels a certain mileage, it will enter the maintenance period, and the cost is relatively high. Determining the interval mileage of various maintenance operations scientifically can not only keep the car in good technical condition, but also save maintenance and repair costs. However, in deciding the maintenance cycle of automobiles, the maintenance cycle should be adjusted properly according to the recommended maintenance cycle of automobile manufacturers, combined with the technical conditions and actual use conditions of automobiles themselves. For some fixed repair dealers recommended repair cycle you can carefully consider, after all, dealers are also to make money. New cars in good condition can extend the maintenance cycle properly, while those in poor condition or in poor service conditions should shorten the maintenance cycle properly.

2. Reasonable replacement of simple components

Air filters and wipers are indispensable accessories for automobiles. Air filters are the first "barrier" through which air enters the engine. Their function is to filter out dust and impurities in the air and keep the air flowing into the engine clean, while wipers enhance the safety of car owners during the rainy season.

Generally, the air filters of automobiles need to be changed once when they are driving 20,000 kilometers, and the wipers need to be changed every 6 months to every year when they are running 10,000 kilometers. It can be said that air filters and wipers are the cheapest parts in the car. Both of them are easy to check and replace. They can be specially replaced at a maintenance site.

3. reasonable purchase of insurance

Many car owners often buy "excess insurance" and "insufficient insurance" when they buy car insurance. Excess insurance means that the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the subject matter insured. If a car with a value of 120,000 yuan is purchased, the insurance amount is 300,000 yuan for theft and rescue. If the total loss occurs, the compensation can only be 120,000 yuan. Article 39, paragraph 2, of the Insurance Law stipulates that the amount of insurance shall not exceed the insured value. If the amount exceeds the insured value, the excess part is invalid. That is to say, the insured can only get corresponding compensation when the loss of the subject matter of insurance occurs, but can not obtain income from the purchase of insurance that exceeds the value of the subject matter of insurance. In addition, insufficient insurance means that the insured limit is lower than the actual value of the subject matter of the insurance. This situation will be "compensated proportionally", as mentioned above. If the insured limit is 50,000 yuan this year, 70,000 yuan lower than the actual value, only 50,000 yuan will be compensated in case of total loss.

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